Modern and adaptable

The office space of the Institute of Information Science, adapted and completely renewed in 2015, offers 1200 m2 of usable areas. The facilities boast with their modern design and adaptability and are suitable for organising various events, such as conferences, business meetings, training sessions (computer courses), cultural events (exhibitions, shows, concerts, audio and video recordings), press conferences, etc. A business lease includes the use of underground parking (up to 100 parking spaces) and the in-house restaurant (seats 120). For advanced users, the data centre offers system and communication capacities that can be rented to install information equipment or be used as replacement data locations.

Energy-saving – cost-effective

The energy-saving building has a modern design and its new extension has been elegantly placed to fit in with the surroundings seamlessly. Due to its energy-saving properties and sustainability the maintenance costs are lower, which in turn means lower rent.

Great Lecture Hall

The great lecture hall can be fully adapted to the customer’s needs. The multimedia equipment is suitable for organising various events (sessions, meetings, conferences, concerts, shows, recordings or press conferences). If the chairs are arranged auditorium style, it can accommodate up to 220 participants. Other set-ups include classroom style and U-shape style. All events can be streamed live online.

  • HD-projektor
  • brezžični prenos slike z naprav Win, MAC, iOS, Android
  • ozvočenje
  • računalniška oprema
  • dodatne možnosti
    • recepcijski pult pred dvorano
    • parkirišča (garažna hiša do 100 mest)
    • namestitev odra (na zahtevo naročnika)
    • interaktivne table
    • prenos dogajanja v druge dvorane
    • prostor za catering (pogostitev)
    • brezžično ali žično omrežje

Blue Lecture Hall

The blue lecture hall can be adapted to most customer needs. It is equipped as a computer room with 28 workstations. The multimedia equipment is suitable for organising various events (meetings, press conferences, small concerts and shows). In classroom seating arrangements it accommodates up to 28 people. Along with the foyer, it can also be used as the accompanying facilities for larger events as one of the walls can be removed to create a larger semi-united space.

  • HD projector
  • Wireless video stream from Win, MAC, iOS, Android devices
  • sound system
  • computer equipment
  • Additional options
    • Reception desk at the hall entrance
    • Parking (up to 100 parking spaces in the underground garage)
    • Optional elevated stage setup (upon customer request)
    • Interactive whiteboards
    • Event streaming to other lecture rooms
    • Catering area
    • Wireless or LAN network

Lecture Room 021

The front half of the room (021/1), separated by a removable wall, seats 16 and is equipped as a meeting room with an interactive whiteboard. The second half can be used as a computer room with 14 workstations. The lecture room has a high-quality HD projector and a sound system, suitable for projections.
The room can be used for various consultations, presentations or smaller meetings.

  • projector and sound system
  • 14 PCs
  • interactive whiteboard
  • boardroom table (seats 16)
  • removable wall
  • wireless or LAN network

Lecture Room 022

The lecture room is set up as a computer room (2 x 18 workstations) and can be split up into two smaller classrooms using a removable wall. Both classrooms have a high-quality HD projector and a sound system, suitable for projections. If the classrooms are set up as one, it is possible to double the projections.
The lecture room can be used for training sessions, but also consultations, presentations or smaller meetings.

  • two projectors, sound system
  • 2x 18 PCs
  • removable wall
  • doubled-up projections
  • wireless or LAN network

Data centre

The data centre is located at our premises on Prešernova ulica 17 in Maribor and offers physical space and cabinets for collocation and information equipment installation.
Half of the system and communication capacities of the newly built data centre are available for hire to demanding users who wish to relocate their system capacities or store them at an additional safe location.

  • a modern-design data centre
  • an earthquake and flood safe location
  • a high standard of data safety
  • uninterrupted physical security (24/7)
  • benefit of over 20 years of experience in system facility maintenance